Uranus In Pisces

World Storm or World Rainbow?
by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK)

Who is Affected?

When one puts a sixteen pound sledgehammer arcing toward a crystal glass, you get the immediate grasp of what transiting Uranus will be like in the sign, Pisces. Not a pretty picture, is it? No, not at all. And maybe, because of all the poor decisions we have made as a world are finally going to come home to roost on our doorstep and make us get it right or else shortly. In fact, on March 10, 2003, it happens.

We've barely gotten out of 2500 years of being in the Piscean age, just of late, moving into the Aquarian age in the last half of the 20th century. If you want to see the messes we've made, just look back on this last 2500 years for a clue or two. Isn't pretty, is it? That's what Pisces is like; a mess at worst, and a bright, burning spiritual light in the darkest hours of our global night as a human race. We can see a ton of religious wars that arose, since Pisces rules over religion and philosophy. And we've seen what religion can do; nonstop wars for 2500 years. What a mess. A Pisces mess. And we're still doing it....as I write this article, President Bush epitomizes Pisces in all its worst aspects, wants to wage war one more time, a "just war" for "God" as he berates a nation that is struggling to not follow his blind lead.

So, here comes Uranus, an air planet, smashing into the most watery sign in the zodiac. Air and water simply do not mix. Oh, they can, as steam, rain, floods at one end, and a rainbow at the other. Water is symbolic of emotions. Air is symbolic of our mental processes. Right brain versus left brain. Who will win this round, I wonder? Uranus rules Aquarius, that no-nonsense, fixed zodiac sign that is all air. What will it do to vulnerable, defenseless, oceanic in depth, Pisces?


I always think of Pisces, the two fish that are tied to one another's tails, swimming in opposite directions, as the 'war of opposites.' Should we do things this way or that? Which fork in the road should we choose to walk down? Is right really right? Or left really left? What is reality? Extremism? One end or the other? Or, how to hold the tension of opposites while you stand in the middle between them? Oh, yes, real Pisces thinking here.

I also think of Pisces as oceanic, the epitome of Mother Ocean, although Cancer the crab, has domain over this region too. For me, the ocean symbolizes our emotions. Period. The buck stops there. With our emotions. We get nowhere in life on any level without working through our wounds on an emotional level. Period. Life isn't a head trip. It's a feel trip in the basement of our darkest emotions, our blocks, our wounds and projections. That's where the real battleground exists within each of us. And when we project this mess of ours outwardly into external manifestation, look at what we get: just look at the world right now; poised on the brink of a global war that is going to change everyone--forever.

Feel your way through this: what if you knew a sixteen pound sledge hammer was going to hit you, as a human being. What would it do to you? How badly would it injure you? Could you survive it? Yes? Crippled? Probably. Survivable? Yes. But forever marked by its striking you. That is Uranus going into Pisces means.

Now, for Pisces people, who get scared out of their wits if you yell "boo" at them, this scenario must look like the worst case they could ever concoct in their highly imaginative world of terror and nightmares. Anyone born February 19 through the 22nd, is going to feel the brutal power of Uranus sailing on into their lives and smashing without even a polite knock on the door March 10th. And no matter what you do to prepare, you are still vulnerable and will feel buck naked out there.

Sound brutal? Yeah, you bet. But, maybe as a global village we need the crap kicked out of us to straighten us up, get our heads screwed on straight, and start thinking like a global village should instead of what we've been doing the last 2500 years. As a shaman I've often seen Uranus enter a person's life. What kind of person invites this kind of planet to their table, to upend it? To create utter chaos? Destruction at such a level we have no concept until we go through it? Sometimes, disaster has to strike, and it has to devastate because the mess is too great and it simply can no longer be fixed; so it's destroyed. So we can start anew. That's how its done. Think of the mythical Phoenix bird crashing and burning, destroyed and dead. But to rise from the ashes later, a new, more beautiful--and better--bird.

This kind of person keeps skittering away from their obligations to themselves. What this means is they keep running away from their wounds instead of tending to them, working through the messy, emotional injury, and doing the hard, damn dirty work it takes, to survive this gauntlet we've set up for ourselves this lifetime. Rather, they PROJECT their woundedness out on everyone else--and trust me--everyone else pays the price for this. And it ain't pretty, and its always hurtful when people don't own their own Shadow contents and become responsible for their projections that raise their head, instead.

This person has been given multiple chances by the Universe to clean up their act and get clean with themselves. But they keep ducking and dodging. They keep making excuses. They keep crying, "pooooorrrrr....meeee......." and cry, "I'm a victim!" Yeah, right. Keep this up and Uranus is gonna hunt you down and then you WILL know what it's like to be a REAL victim, my friend.

This individual has had so many times when they could make the right choice for themselves--but they are just too scared, too lazy, too into the victim stance, that they won't grab the brass ring and do the work they came into this lifetime to do. The Cosmos, in its infinite wisdom is not necessarily endlessly patient with this sort of person. Eventually, the last options are offered and turned away. Then, it's war. War for that person on a personal battlefield called the Self. The war can be internal, external, spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. Take your choice. Multiple choice if you want. Or, maybe you'll get all of them.


The Universe tires of slackers and people who refuse to grow, who refuse to be courageous in the face of fear, and will finally bring them to task: They call Uranus, the butt-kicker of the Zodiac, bar none. This is a planet who takes no prisoners. Who doesn't give a damn what excuse you have (this time), it won't matter. This is the planet of "tough love" who doesn't care if you are dragged kicking and screaming to learn the lessons you said you wanted to learn in this lifetime. If you thought Saturn was a taskmaster, think again. Uranus was the FATHER of Saturn! And if you want to see someone turn your life upside down and MAKE you get on with your own lessons, this is one planet that will do it--in Spades.

And it won't be pretty. And it won't be subtle. And it won't be long in coming. As fast as you can think: lightning bolt, Uranus can enter your life and disassemble it like tinker toys blown apart by a tornado. Uranus rules tornados, too, fyi, so head's up you people in Tornado Alley in the USA. And moving into the water sign of Pisces, look out for flood disasters of all kinds around the world. More snow, more water than you've seen in decades is gonna rain down on our heads.

If you are one of those people who have a planet in Pisces your natal chart, I would strongly suggest you run screaming, not walking, to your nearest professional astrologer and find out what department of your life is going to be turned upside down by Uranus. Especially those born in the above timeframe.

Think on this.......

Uranus takes 84 years to make one complete orbit about the sun. There are 12 zodiac signs. This planet takes, roughly, seven years in each one, give or take a year. So, for the next seven years PISCES and VIRGO people are going to get the opportunity of a lifetime to come clean, stop being victims, mewling around, wimping out, and get their house in order because, whether they want it to happen or not, it will. Guaranteed. I'll put money on it and win.

Now, for those wise Pisces and Virgo people who have been owning their Shadow, working hard to work through their wounds and become better people as a result, Uranus is not gonna kick your butt. Instead, you can look for incredible breakthroughs that are going to gift you and reward you for not dodging the bullet called Life.

But if you haven't done your work--don't blame Uranus. Blame yourself. The only one living in your body is you. The only one who makes choices for yourself is you. My advice is see a professional astrologer and then make an appointment with a psychotherapist to start working through your wounds. Because if you don't do something to show you're trying, Uranus will upend your life in unimaginable ways.

On a global front, it will be just like President Bush, who is certainly caught in a Piscean illusion of God and Country, will go to war with Iraq in March and I wouldn't be at ALL surprised if he does it on the day Uranus goes into Pisces. How telling that we haven't cleaned up our act at all from the last 2500 years. Shame on him. Shame on us. We will get EXACTLY what we deserve if this happens. No more. No less. And since it is going to occur in Pisces, well, let me tell you about the mess that will follow.....

More tothink on...

Just go down to the KEYWORDS below and start putting one Uranus keyword with one Pisces word--there's many ways to do this--and all ways will show the effects of this planet in this sign.

Uranus rules terrorism. And in Pisces, oh boy! You think you've seen terrorism? Wait. It was only the tip of the iceberg. Uranus rules fanatics. Think you've seen them already? Wait. Pisces rules over bio terrorism, so nuclear, biological and chemical attacks will occur.

Is there an 'up' side to this combination? Well, as dark as it can get, the possibility of light is also there. As always. However, I have yet to see in 2500 years that we've gotten out of the dark very much at all....and we're still a helluva long way from the light this combination COULD give us if we'd EARNED it. But you see, we haven't. This is a world trying to learn how to be a global village that cares for all, not just some for political reasons. The world is still caught up in religious wars where war is preferred over peace. What is wrong with THIS picture? I say, junk any religion that endorses war as a just cause. Let's start some new religions where diplomacy, working together, talking and compromising are first, with war as a last possible option. Instead of spending billions on gathering up things for a war, why couldn't this money go to feed the poor? The starving? Our elderly? What is WRONG with this picture of our world right now? No wonder Uranus is gonna bust down the doors shortly. It's way past time!

Are there people out there, good people, who are fantastically spiritual and heart centered? Of course there are. The problem is, there aren't enough. But that doesn't mean they should give up. Nope. They become like oxen in a yoke pulling the light toward the darkness, one slow, plodding step at a time--but nevertheless--bring the light to dissolve our darkness.

I will leave you with an upper, for Pisces is like that; always holding out hope for the hopeless. Since I own a Moon in Pisces, I do know what I'm talking about here and I have worked through a lot of my wounds, so I'm not fearing Uranus coming over it at all. If anything, I hope for the freedom I've earned through right actions with myself over 56 years of living. We'll see. I'll be around to find out. Anyway, the upper: When you mix water with air, at the highest, most pure level, you get a RAINBOW. A rainbow where I come from, is a high sign from the Cosmos that you did it right. It's a pat on the head. It's a "well done!" It's a blessing commemorating your hard work, struggles, tears, facing your challenges and trying. Doesn't mean you have to be successful or win. It does honor your trying and that's all that is really asked of us--it to try.

So, some Pisces and Virgo people are going to get rainbows instead of the sledgehammer coming down on them. I have my favorite astrologers that I'd suggest you get a reading from, should you be in one of these two zodiac signs, or if you have planets in either of these signs--to find out where the split-second action is gonna be in your life. Here's their names and email addresses:

  • Carol B. Willis: cbwillis@lightlink.com

  • Gail Carswell: rockdock@mindspring.com

  • Michael Foltz: solardoc@mindspring.com

  • Rosemarie Brown: starrose@sedona.net

These are professionals, folks, and yes, they do charge a lot of money, but you know what? You'll get the straight scoop from them. Dirt level honesty and ways to help you survive Uranus coming through your life. I don't think money could be better spent right now, frankly.

How to use this Guide

If you know what your planet is, what zodiac sign it is in, and what house this combination resides in, you can make a "sentence" out of it. For example: I have Uranus in Pisces in the 12th house.

I would look at the Uranus keywords and set them along side the Pisces keywords and the 12th house keywords. You can mix and match them, turn them around, etc. These then are "possibilities" if you so choose to catalyze them or trigger them into your life--or not.

This is a very 'general' guide and if you have specific questions, you should ALWAYS defer this to a professional astrologer. Keywords are a way to learn the basics, but never replaces the finished touch that a professional astrologer can put on it.

Sentence Examples Using Mars in the 12th House

Mars keywords (taken from the below list....this isn't all of them, just a few):
adrenal glands

12th house keywords (taken from the below list....this isn't all of them, just a few):
animals, large
help from behind the scenes


  1. (Mars) Action (12th house) help behind the scenes .
  2. (Mars) Abusive (12th house) to large animals. It can mean that you're abusive to a large animal, like a cow, horse, etc. Cats and dogs are considered "little" animals.
  3. (Mars) Anemia (12th house) confinement. (If anemia is not caught and dealt with, you will be tired and be sitting around a lot....house confinement).
  4. (Mars) Aggressiveness (12th house) to large animals. This could mean you beat your dog or cat.
  5. (Mars) Anemia (12th house) aunt or uncle. This would mean that you may have an aunt or uncle that has had or has anemia.
  6. (Mars) Adrenal glands (12th house) confinement. This would mean that your adrenal glands may be hypo or hyper functioning and this could put you in the hospital, a form of 'confinement.'
  7. (Mars) Abusive (12th house) confinement. This can be interpreted many ways. (a) you are abusive and have been put into prison for abusing someone (b) someone has abused you and put you in the hospital.

Pisces Keywords and Phrases

Dreamer, Idealist, metaphysics, clairvoyant, psychic, strong intuition, knows without knowing, hope, ocean, water , swimming, overly emotional, emotions, vulnerable, innocent, faith, trust, altruism, honesty, imagination, creative, idea person, follower, not a leader, writer, artist, songwriter, plants, Nature, life, green, blue, religion, philosophy, roots of spirit, nebulous, empathetic, illusory, impractical, gullible, hypersensitive, absorbent, super sensitive, misunderstood, martyr, procrastination, passive, indecisive, escapist, drugs, addiction, alcoholism, moody, roller coaster moodiness, victim's mentality, suffers eloquently, poetic, inspiring, utopian nature, visionary indiscriminate, indolent, deceptive, liar, thief, chameleon, drifts, vague, unconscious, boundless, subtle, refined, amphorous, otherworldly, universal, transcendental, atonement, lacks faith in self, self-destructive, reclusive, ungrounded/space cadet, sacrificing for others, for good of all, healing/healer, gentle, sympathetic, compassionate, humble, retiring, humility, renouncing, mystical, universal, infinite, intangible, mutable, disorganized, scattered, vacillating, elusive, thoughtful, modest, self-pity (poor me.....), tearful/weeping, easily touched, recoils at tragedy, animal rights activist, human rights activist, peace marcher, romantic love, impractical love, dancing, fishing, scuba diving, yoga, bathtub, spa, rhythm, music/musician, amethyst, lavender, religion, fragile, agony to ecstasy and back, unable to individuate, who am I?

Uranus Keywords and Phrases

aliens (off world type), aliens (from another country), brotherly love, chaos, computers, derelict, eccentricity, electricity, freedom, genius or madman, homeless person, independence, insomnia, insubordination, inventions, left-brain thinking, liberation, nervous disorders (parasympathetic nervous system), nervous person, the Net, new/futuristic, original thinkers, radical, rebellion, stressed out, sudden changes, technology (science), tension, terrorists who unleash chemical (sarin, VX gas) or biological, (Anthrax, plague, smallpox, botulism, tularemia, etc.) agents at us, UFO's, uprooted/turned upside down, upset, urge for free self-expression, vehicles in general

House Cusp Keywords and Phrases

If you happen to know where transiting Uranus is going into your natal houses, then use Uranus keywords with the house below, along with Pisces keywords, and you'll get a very good idea of the possibilities that could happen to you.

Ascendant (rising sign) (1st house cusp)
like a coat----the public persona we wear for others, mask that we put on when outside our home, one's appearance, one's bearing and demeanor, one's behavior in public, how one approaches life, natural disposition shown to public, our physical body, persona, the 'false self', public persona, the way People see you (the mask, the costume), those in your life--work, the public, the way YOU Would like to be seen by others, the public, appearance, personal, how one cares for his appearance, one's approach to life, beginning of all enterprises, one's birth, one's character, your desires, disposition, immediate environment (school, office, public buildings), habits, how one is seen, I am, impression one makes on others, individuality, personality, physical body, projected image (the mask and costume we wear outside our home), self-opinion, way one expresses himself, way one wants others to see him,

Midheaven (10th house cusp)
ambitious, authority figures (i.e. the boss, the government, etc.), ego, the driving force that urges one, to achieve, fame and promotion, highest one can reach in a worldly sense, parental authority, one of the parents, your reputation, standing in the community, your status, your worldly achievements

Second House
banks, banker, budgets, cash, checks, debts (Personal), earning capacity, freedom, financial losses, gifts bestowed or received, income, inheritance of power, I Possess, investments, material resources or possessions, money, negotiable assets, partner's death, personal values, physical senses, self-worth, stockbroker, talent, wealth

Third House
brothers & sisters, communication, commuting, concrete thought - the conscious mind, contracts & agreements, correspondence, intellect, intelligence journalist, journalism, journals, lungs, breathing, meetings & conferences messages, telegrams neighbors, nerves & nervous system, post office, mail, postmen, receptivity to ideas from others, secretaries, short trips, speech, studies, students, studying, teachers & teaching, tests (written and oral), trade, local transportation of all kinds, writing, writers,

Fourth House
agriculture, cause of losses in speculation, cities and buildings, cousins, domestic environment, end of life, estates, father or mother-in-law, family, gain from writing or contracts, one's grave or place of rest, home or residence, hotels or motels, land, later life conditions, leases, parent, personal activities, one's private life, property and possessions, immovable, ranches and ranchers, security and fortifications, traditions, family

Fifth House
amusement, Children (birth or adopted), concerts, concert hall, Courtship, creative self-expression, drama and dramatists, excitement, games, groups, bowling league, hobbies, holidays, Income from real estate, love affairs, one's lover, Love given, Preachy, Places of entertainment, Pleasure, Public schools, show business, social affairs & functions, speculation, gambling, teachers, teaching

Sixth House
animals (small (dog or cat)), pets, small or domestic, army, nannies, assimilation of food, cafes, civil service, closets, clothing in general, coworkers, daily work or routine, doctors, nurses, dress (one's manner of), employment, employees, health, hygiene, labor, laboring classes, libraries, nutrition, pantries, relations with coworkers, servants, service, (ones) subordinates, tenants, work, work environment

Seventh House
agreements & contracts, communication--meaningful, competition, controversies, cooperation or the lack- of it, courts, divorce, fugitives, grandparents, lawsuits, love, lovers, marriage, nephews, nieces, opponents (known), outcome of all contentions, partnerships (marriage or business), peace, the public, one-on-one relationships, rivals, rivalry, social affairs, social functions, strife, enmities, pleas, war

Eighth House
alimony, astral experiences, bankruptcy (corporate), death, debts, dowries, drastic changes, inheritances, insurance, matters relating to death, occult matters, outcome of lawsuits, partner's income, recycling, regeneration, reincarnation, resources (other people's), sex, suicides, support from others, surgery, taxes, wills,

Ninth House
advertising, airline hostesses, attorneys & lawyers, ceremonies, churches & church affairs & ministers, courts of law, dreams, foreigners, anything that is foreign, foreign politics, freedom, grandchildren, higher education & universities, hips, upper legs, sciatic nerves, ideals, in-laws, journeys, literature, litigation, metaphysics, places at a distance, publishing, religion, philosophy, science (in general), travel agents, truth

Tenth House
achievement, advancement, ambitious persons, authority figures, business, career or profession, dishonor, employers, esteem, fame, famous people, government, illness of one's children, leaders, leadership, matters outside the home, one's moral qualities, one's position in the world, a parent, politics, politicians, prestige, honors, popularity, pride, promotions, reputation, responsibilities & duty, social status

Eleventh House
business income, civic organizations, congress or the House of Representatives, colleagues, companies, contacts, counselors, death of parents (also 5th), expectations, finances of one's employer, friends & acquaintances, groups, hopes, wishes, goals, legacies, memberships, money from one's profession, one's fourth child, one's ideas of happiness, organizations, projects, ambitions, sons, daughters-in-law, sororities, fraternities, stepchildren

Twelfth House
large animals, aunts, uncles, clairvoyant, dreams ( includes precognitive), confinement, grace earned from the Universe (through your good deeds/actions), help from behind the scenes, hospitals & other places of confinement, institutions, prison (self-imposed or by the law), intuition very powerful and well developed, meditation, occupations of brothers & sisters, private investigators, rest homes, retirement, sanctuaries, sea, seamen, seclusion, loneliness (or opposite likes to be alone without feeling lonely), self-analysis and deeper understanding of self and actions, self-undoing by not listening to Self/intuition, sensing--like radar--picking up future or present information, solitude, places of solitude, sorrows, secret sorrows, study, subconscious, protection from violence, terrorists, thieves, welfare, secrets, secret enemies (includes terrorists, but can be anyone)


Copyright 2003 Dr. Eileen Nauman, All Rights Reserved. Republished by permission of the author. Dr. Nauman is the author of Poisons That Heal (homeopathy/epidemics), Path of the Mystic (Learning To Be Your Own Best Teacher For Your Inner Journey), Help! and Homeopathy (Homeopathy and Emergency Medicine), and Medical Astrology. Visit her website, The Medicine Garden.

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