Chiron and Pluto Conjunction
December, 1999
by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK), EMT-B

We're heading down a dark corridor with Chiron, the asteroid known as the "wounded healer" archetypal energy and Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and agent of massive, template transformation. These two will conjunct one another on December 31, 1999, at 11 degrees Sagittarius (opposite 11 Gemini). What a New Year's kick in the pants that is going to be!

They will remain conjunct from December 31, 1999 through January 16, 2000 when they part company at 13 Sagittarius (opposite 13 Gemini). There will be a lot of people heaving a sigh of relief when that happens!

What does it mean? First of all, the build-up of energy of these two Lords of the Darkness and the Underworld are going to be felt from mid-November, 1999, onward, by many people. Those having planets or ascendant or midheaven any where from 8 Sagittarius (opposite 8 Gemini) to 11 Sagittarius (opposite 11 Gemini) are going to feel the 'weight' of these two bearing down upon them. And its probably not going to be pleasant or feel comfortable with this "heavy" energy embracing them.

Chiron --- Symbolically Speaking

Chiron is an asteroid 'out there' in our solar system. From Greek myths, he was a centaur, half man and half horse (the same glyph that is used for Sagittarius constellation as well as the zodiac sign). He is symbolically seen as a shaman, the wounded healer. And, as a shape-shifter; being able to change shape from man to animal, to bird, reptile, or whatever was needed for the occasion. Chiron was a master healer and master teacher. He underlies the shamanic experience completely; being wounded and then working/walking through our woundedness experience and come out (survive) the other side of it and being able to heal ourselves. This is a powerful way for a person to learn and experience a certain wounding (example: being raped, low self-esteem, being abused spiritually, mentally, emotionally and/or physically, coming out of a dysfunctional family, being an alcoholic, a drug user, etc, etc.)

Whatever Chiron gives us, we have already
agreed to take it on before we ever came into
this earthly existence, into this body, this life-
time, to work with and through.

Chiron can also "give" us a wound; and it can come in the form of any of the above or it can be a chronic or acute disease. It can be a car accident where we are badly injured or have a near-death experience, or become paralyzed or in some way, limited in range of movements or motion. Whatever Chiron gives us, we have already agreed to take it on before we ever came into this earthly existence, into this body, this lifetime, to work with and through. The beauty of such a wound is that once it is worked through, the rewards and new level of comprehension and the wealth of compassion that yeilds out from it, are incalcuable and priceless.

For example, a person who was born into an alcoholic family will, more than likely set themselves up to "attract" alcoholic mates/spouse(s). At some point, this person will (either in this life or many lives) work through this type of wounding and come out the other side of it. The soul has learned through the process of doing and experiencing. It has also garnered the self-knowledge, understanding and experience of "been there, done that." And this is a crucial element of Chiron: in order for us to have compassion for others, having been there, done that, affords us a precious perspective that is gained in no other way. If you were alcoholic, only you can understand the depth and parameters of such a wound. You can, after being successful with this wound and healing yourself, turn around and help others through this same process. You will, in essence, be giving them the gift of your own experience, lessons, mistakes and good choices you made that got you through it alive and in a more healthy position than you were previously.

Chiron was a master healer. He trained the elite of Greek god/goddess-dom in how to use herbs, use first aid, how to tend a wound and to incorporate a wholistic approach to the field of healing in general. Chiron bestows upon us, either consciously or unconsciously, our ability to know intuitively what will heal us. There are many "tools" out there--but only certain ones that will catalyze us and help us to take the step toward health that is correct for us and our vibration. Chiron points the way and yields out information, a person, a magazine article, an Internet post, or knowledge for this person in a way that can help them proceed forward with their healing.

On another level, Liz Greene who wrote The Mythic Tarot, places Chiron as the Heirophant who is everyone's inner teacher and healer. I have said for a long time that we all have the ability to heal ourselves if we will begin the inner journey into ourselves. And this is Chiron's turf. If you will take the plunge into yourself (and not keep going to outer/external teachers) but TRUST yourself in your own knowing, then Chiron will assist you in this journey. This is a very shamanic perspective, too, because shamans, when they journey into non ordinary landscape are not doing an astral out-of-body flight or experience. They are doing an inner journey; opening themselves up (this implies a high level of trust within themselves as well as trusting their inner spirit guides completely) and they do this on TRUST and FAITH. Chiron, if we initiate our inner journey, will teach us to trust and have faith in ourselves--and this is one of the biggest keys to healing that is so often over looked in the healing process. To heal, we must go deep into ourselves, into the uncharted psyche of our unconscious landscape, connect and work with those symbols and archetypes that yield out in our dream state or in our meditative or shamanic journey states. THOSE are the real keys and answers to our wellness and our becoming a more spiritually "whole" (more in balance/harmony) with ourselves.

... most of us defer to people or "experts" outside of us to give us the answers we're desperately seeking. Chiron tells us that, no, the answers you seek aren't in the outer world--they are in your inner world of yourself.

Chiron also instills, with this inner journey work, a KNOWING. How many of you "know without knowing" how you know? So many of you, for sure. Yet, do you TRUST what you know? Probably not. Chiron is here to put you in touch with your inner knowing and to begin the process of TRUSTING yourself to move on this knowing. Yes, it is what I call "blind-faith-knowing"--you can't see where you're going or're like a bloodhound on a scent you can only smell, but can't see or know the end of where the trail leads. And like the dog, you instinctively and on a PRIMAL level, follow it. If you do, only positive and healthy things will come of it. The trick is getting YOU to trust YOU.

No one knows more about you than you. Yet, most of us defer to people or "experts" outside of us to give us the answers we're desperately seeking. Chiron tells us that, no, the answers you seek aren't in the outer world--they are in your inner world of yourself. If a person puts too much of their power and energy into an outer teacher; they will inevitably be disappointed by them and they will never measure up; nor will they give you all that you expect them to give to you. Such is the nature of an outer teacher. They may try their best, but they will always fail or fall short for you. Why? Because all humans are imperfect. We all have our own wounds that we're working through and where there is a wound(s) there is darkness that light is not going to penetrate cleanly and accurately.

Chiron asks us, this December and January, to being our inner journey within ourselves. Those who have the most opportunity to do this are Sagittarian and Gemini folks. But if Chiron conjuncts your Ascendant, you will draw people into you who will some how assist, catalyze or give you permission to begin your inner journey. If you have Chiron on your Midheaven, then those in your career field will take on this part of a teacher/catalyst for you.

The Weak Side of Chiron --- the "Heavy" energy expression

If the person chooses not to use the light energy expression of Chiron, then they will experience the heavy energy side. If we refuse to change, grow, or heal with Chiron's pressuring us, then we can become scattered, spacy/ungrounded and diffused to the point where we stand and feel nothing but confusion. You will not be able to fight your way out of a paper bag, so to speak. Chiron is not going to let you go anywhere if you don't want to move forward into your own, personal inner journey work. Instead, you'll feel like someone put you in a bank of fog and you can't even see your hand in front of your face. If you choose this direction, expect December of 1999 and January of 2000 to be a 'holding pattern' for you where nothing works and nothing goes right. Just remember: you're at the controls of this process. You can stop at any time, start getting honest and blunt with yourself and make the changes--then, the "fog" will lift and you can move forward.

Pluto and his Energy

Pluto is the Greek god of the Underworld. Don't make the mistake that it's "hell" because it's not. Unfortunately, organized religion has put this onus on Pluto's energy and work and they're dead wrong about it. From a shamanic standpoint, the Underworld is the inside of Mother Earth; a very beautiful, productive, healing place where shamans go all the time. It is sometimes known as the Dark World or the Inner World or the Underworld. Whatever label you use, is fine. Just know that the inside of Mother Earth is one of the most beautiful, growth oriented spots you'll ever have access to.

This is simply another symbol or archetype to get us to go into our own Underworld--our inner journey into ourselves, not our outer, external, 3rd dimensional one. In the Underworld, we have the capability and choice to die, rebirth and renew ourselves. I'm sure people jump at the word "die" here--but let's understand that we're in a constant state and process, minute-by-minute, of dying and rebirthing. For example, the cells of our body have a life span, and they die, and new ones are created in their stead. This goes on daily within us. So, that is "dying."

We can hold tenaciously to a given mindset or idea, such as a prejudice. And finally, after holding on to that prejudice, it gets worked through and you release it and therefore, move upward a notch on your own spiritual scale of growth. Your old prejudice "dies"--you release it. By that prejudice dying, you now have new space for new things, that are healthier for you, to put into its place. You 'rebirth' in this sense.

Or, you have a fear of space aliens coming to get you. So long as you hold onto that belief and fear; it will continue to be alive and well within you and you will attract those experiences until you get fed up with it, angry or simply grow tiresome of it. At that point, that "fear" dies. When it does, it leaves new space for something more positive, healing and healthy to move in, instead. You have rebirth on an emotional level.

On a physical level, we can die many ways; one is through constant cellular dying/rebirthing. A person can be in an accident and one of their legs may be so mangled that its amputated--that leg "dies". In its place will be a rebirthing (challenging, yes, but always teaching us if we're willing to learn and grow from the experience). Or you can suffer a heart attack, and some of the heart muscle dies. In it dying, you are reborn or rebirthed because of the experience. Even though something was lost, something of equal and usually BETTER, is gained from this 'death.'

... remember, what we don't integrate is kept with the Shadow and it can poison us, eventually. We can 'die' on a spiritual level or a psychological level, too.

Don't get caught up in the fear of "dying" with Pluto. It's an ongoing phenomena that happens to us every day of our lives. When Pluto is highlighted in our lives by transit or progression, simply look at it that you're like a snake ready to she his or her old skin and its time for a pretty, new one, instead. Death and rebirth. You trade in the old, outworn, outdated mindset, emotion, or whatever it is, for a brand new one that will serve you much better.

Pluto rules our subconscious, our psyche, those parts of ourselves that we can usually only access through our dream work, meditation or vision quests, etc. It is also our Shadow content--those things we don't like about ourselves that we have not--yet--integrated into ourselves. Just remember, what we don't integrate is kept with the Shadow and it can poison us, eventually. We can 'die' on a spiritual level or a psychological level, too.

Pluto can also bring up these symbols or archetypes into the light of our conscious mind and awareness--when it is time, he will do just that. It might be mirrored in a series of dreams--and if they are Shadow related dreams, expect to be chased, murdered, robbed, or in some way, feeling as if the bad guys are after you and they're going to catch you and destroy you in some way. If you get a dream or dreams like this, it is simply Pluto tapping you on the shoulder saying, "Hey, look, here's some Shadow stuff of yours that you haven't integrated yet. It's time to integrate it."

How do you do that? If you have a Shadow dream repeatedly as above, try to stop yourself from running and FACE your attacker(s). Let them kill you. In doing so, you integrate that energy into from the Shadow symbol. It's that simple. But it takes a lot of guts when your fear is so high and you're afraid of dying, to stop and face the music. If you do; you will be successful, the dreams will stop in that area, and you will grow and blocks will be removed energetically from you and your life will take a turn for the better. That's how Pluto can help us.

Pluto and Chiron Together: The "light" energy side of it

This conjunction doesn't happen often; so it is a REAL opportunity for all of us. And I don't think its any accident that they conjunct on December 31, 1999, on the lip of the next century, either. It's sending out a warning to all of us: start doing our inner work or else. What we don't stop to integrate within us--and OWN--is going to physically manifest in our 3rd dimensional world to haunt and pursue us.

That means each of us has to take renewed responsibility for our prejudices, hates, jealousy, competitiveness, anger, fear, shame, etc., and OWN IT. And get on with it and working with ourselves to heal it within each of us. Don't be looking for anyone to "fix it" for you, either.

Nope, with Chiron and Pluto standing shoulder to shoulder staring us down and challenging us, it's "put up or shut up time" for every one of us. You don't have to be a Sagittarius or Gemini, either. This vibration template is working on us right now--and its only going to increase in intensity and severity as it builds toward the conjunction at the end of December. The sooner we get "right" with ourselves, the less possibility of disaster occurring on the outer world we live in. However, if we don't want to own our own stuff, be responsible, stop blaming others for how we are today, then we are going to get bit in the butt, but good. Guaranteed.

Pluto and Chiron Together: The The "heavy" side of it

On the external landscape, Pluto rules terrorism. And I see that terrorists can definitely make their mark during the conjunct phase of Chiron and Pluto. Massive disasters, such as earthquakes (they are subterranean like Pluto) may occur as well. Natural disasters will be at all time high during this transit--potentially. And this is going to bring to the worst Shadow aspects of human nature, too. More killings, terrorism, and mass human destruction, can occur with this, also. It is limited only by our imagination how it can occur. Countries that have Sagittarius or Gemini in their charts will be the ones that are hit the hardest.

The Botton Line

We can embrace Chiron and Pluto and move and transform, and own our own stuff--lock, stock and barrel. Or, we can choose to blame others, play the victim, be codependent, and point fingers at society, our parents, our job and not take responsibility. It's our choice. So, what are you going to choose to do?

Well, we'll find out shortly. The December/January time frame is upon us. And everyone is squirming from this energy build-up of these two inner teachers coming our way.

On top of that, we have Jupiter going direct on 12-21 at 25 Aries (opposite 25 Libra). And the Winter Solstice, which literally sets the template of energy for the coming year (up through the Spring Equinox), is on 12-20. We have got some serious, serious energy that is working on us right now and it's moving mountains in the other dimensions. A lot of people know it and feel it. Psychics lay awake at night until 3 AM feeling it, feeling the shifting. Things are getting ready to manifest. Our minds and our emotions will dictate exactly what does manifest in this time frame.

Hang on, we're in for a helluva ride shortly. The key here is be honest and truthful with yourself, start doing your inner work, and try to stay as balanced as you can under the circumstances (understanding none of us will achieve it...but they are asking us to TRY....and that is what really counts.)

Doing a daily meditation will help tremendously, and I highly recommend this. Or, going for a walk to 'break the energy' and get right and calm and centered with yourself. Be sure, every day, to take an hour out for yourself to be with YOU. To hear YOU. You know, when we get too busy, we can't hear our inner teachers trying to talk to us. Now is the time to stop. And not only hear...but LISTEN.

Warmly, Eileen
Moderator - Athena List

Copyright 1999 Dr. Eileen Nauman. All Rights Reserved. Republished by permission of the author. Dr. Nauman is the author of Poisons That Heal (homeopathy/epidemics), Path of the Mystic (Learning To Be Your Own Best Teacher For Your Inner Journey), Help! and Homeopathy (Homeopathy and Emergency Medicine), and Medical Astrology. Visit her website, The Medicine Garden.

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