OJ Simpson's Civil Trial Unanimous Decision of Liability
Copyright February 4, 1997 to Naomi Bennett

On February 4, 1997 at 7:15 p.m. PST in Santa Monica, California, a jury of 12 people unanimously decided that OJ was liable on all 8 counts regarding the murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, his former wife. Compensatory damages have been set at $8.5 Million. OJ's birthdata is July 9, 1947, 8:08 am PST, San Francisco, CA.

Why was this verdict so different from his criminal trial? One major reason was that the burden of proof was only for reasonable doubt. But astrology gives a timing tool that gives qualities to moments in time to look at why circumstances go for or against us.

Today, the gods of fortune were not looking favorably on OJ. The moment of the verdict put OJ's Mars on the 10th cusp of having to respond to external authority in his life and public opinion. Transiting Pluto was opposing OJ's Mars and the decision's Ascendant. This is about being called to task for one's passions and power plays. The external authority of the jury points to a heavy examination of his spousal abuse and use of force in the past.

This trial was about money and OJ's liability for wrongful death to the remaining relatives. The time of this decision puts transiting Mars opposing Saturn on the 2nd and 8th cusps. These cusps are associated with liquid assets like money and how its earned (the 2nd) plus legal decisions, restitution and assets of others, inheritance, money of the deceased (8th). OJ's Neptune falls on this 2nd cusp. This is a strong indication that there will be deception, illusion and aversion to the finding and attachment of what he owns. There is currently heresy knowledge on TV that some of his assets are in Swiss accounts, his retirement monies are untouchable by liability suits and that his Beverly Hills home is already indebted by his criminal lawyers which could make his net worth close to zero. It's also likely that he will declare bankruptcy to avoid this liability suit. All this is strongly confirmed by this natal Neptune placement. The plaintiffs will have a hard time getting a dime out of him.

Let's look back more than two years ago at the criminal case decision. The trial verdict decision of not guilty was on October 3, 1995, 10:08 am PDT, Los Angeles, CA. The moment of the decision had 20 degrees Scorpio rising with Mars on the Ascendant. This is the strong indicator of race being a factor in the jury's decision. OJ's natal Jupiter was on this point. That brings him good luck and generous decision in his behalf. These points are also trine OJ's Sun which fell on the decision's 9th cusp. These aspects indicate positive, fortuitous action on his behalf particularly regarding the legal system (9th house). Transiting Saturn, the grim reaper of limiting individual's actions by restriction was trine to the verdict's Mars and therefore in a grand trine position to OJ's Jupiter and Sun. This is the excessive good fortune that he received that day minimizing the punitive restriction of incarceration.

In comparison, the civil decision had a Mars opposition Saturn transit against OJ's Neptune. Saturn-Neptune aspects have long been associated with the term "that which is hidden shall be revealed." This was the period when pictures of OJ in expensive shoes that match the murder scene footprints came to light. OJ's Mars on the cusp of public authority speaks of having to pay the piper. What a difference 15 months makes!

The trial isn't over yet. The jury now has to decision punitive damages for the rest of the week. Aspects don't improve for OJ this week, so expect more news against him. Please read the previous posting on the OJ Trial for more information on the issues. I indicated that OJ's repercussions to this trial will continue through the month of February.

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