Solar Flares Herald Harmonic Concordance
by Karen Steen, Astrologer
  posted 10/23/2003

Harmonic Concordance & Total Lunar Eclipse Nov. 8 – 9, 2003

           A total lunar eclipse nested within a six-pointed solar system configuration, heralded by extraordinary solar flare activity and resulting geomagnetic storms on earth – occurring together November 8 –9, these celestial developments are being called the Harmonic Concordance. Even considering only the lunar eclipse and its paired solar eclipse later in November, these events have astrological significance for a period of months to years.

           What is the nature and significance of the Harmonic Concordance?  What distinguishes it from past newsworthy formations, like the 1987 Harmonic Convergence and the 2000 Taurus Alignment? There is a wealth of information and perspectives on the Harmonic Concordance with which to learn and perhaps align. Here, I’ll briefly describe the Concordance, offer my view on its significance, and suggest a few choice resources for additional information.

Basics of the Harmonic Concordance

           The Harmonic Concordance is defined by the positions in our sky of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the planetoid Chiron on November 8 – 9. Together these bodies form a Grand Sextile pattern – a hexagon or six-pointed star formation around earth. Coincident with the formation of this Grand Sextile pattern are these celestial events:

  • A total lunar eclipse occurring within the Grand Sextile
  • Jupiter, part of the Grand Sextile, in stressful square aspect to Pluto (90 degrees separation in celestial longitude)
  • Extraordinary solar flare activity with resulting geomagnetic storms on earth.

           The formation of a Grand Sextile, and Jupiter in square position to Pluto, are relatively rare events. The Grand Sextile, composed of two interlocking Grand Trines, is considered an exceptionally resourceful pattern that can be equally creative and productive.  The square aspect of Jupiter to Pluto corresponds to critical sociopolitical developments within their twelve-year recurring cycle together - I regard their square as an external motivator to the Grand Sextile.

Solar and Lunar eclipses each occur twice a year on average, usually in pairs by location and timing (eclipse season). When they occur, solar eclipses are associated with a New Moon, lunar eclipses with a Full Moon. Eclipses of both the Sun and Moon can be either partial or total, with total eclipses being more significant astrologically. Total solar eclipses occur only every second or third year, total lunar eclipses more frequently. Sun, Moon, and planetary positions during total eclipses correspond to significant individual and social developments lasting months to years. Solar eclipses correspond to overt or conscious developments or crises, lunar eclipses to more subtle or unconscious developments.  Eclipse developments, which can begin a month or more before the actual eclipse, often shift a focus or balance of power, bring a long-simmering process to crises, or clear the way for new starts.

Solar flares result from Sunspot activity that averages a 12-year cycle. Sunspot activity has been peaking in the past 2 – 3 years.  Recent huge solar flares are causing geomagnetic storms of extraordinary magnitude now and through the Full Moon eclipse/Harmonic Convergence on November 8 - 9.  These storms are affecting global satellite transmissions, interrupting television, radio, and cell phone transmissions. Astrological correspondences for Sunspot and solar flare activity are just recently being observed, while their correspondence with planetary cycles has been recognized for decades.

For many, a picture is worth a thousand words:
- For a chart of the Harmonic Concordance as it will appear in the sky around you, go to
- To view a brief movie of the huge solar flare on October 23, go to

Both the 1987 Harmonic Convergence and the 2000 Taurus Alignment were characterized by a clustering of the Sun with planets and high solar flare activity, not with eclipses.  The Harmonic Concordance of November 8 – 9 is unique in its dispersed, highly organized pattern, association with total eclipses of the Sun and Moon, and extraordinary solar flares.

Significance of Harmonic Concordance

John and Jan Mirehiel created The Harmonic Concordance web site at The site includes several dozen articles each by astrologers, healers, and scientists, offering a wide range of views and suggestions for engaging the Concordance. The site is vast and well organized by topic areas of Astrology, Spirituality, Science & Metaphysics of Consciousness, and The Ascended Relationship. I suggest you visit the site and sample the information and perspectives for those you find useful. For audio learners, a streaming audio recording of a lecture by the Mirehiels on the Concordance is available at

With the wealth of information available at the Harmonic Concordance web site, I will simply add here what I consider the three most auspicious indicators in the Concordance chart. First, the Concordance Grand Sextile requires inclusion of the planetoid Chiron.  I do see Chiron active by transit in individual charts, often corresponding to crises and experiences that can eventually integrate expanded consciousness and life capacities. Chiron, which orbits between Saturn and Uranus, is the outermost body defining the Grand Sextile, together with the Sun, Moon, and social planets (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), and  all in earth and water signs. Certainly, the chart indicates an opportunity to integrate greater emotional, spiritual, and ecological awareness into our personal lives and political and economic structures – if only that we all tune in together to such shared thoughts and feelings!

Second, the Harmonic Concordance chart includes a total lunar eclipse in close proximity to the May 2000 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that began a new 20-year cycle of social, political, and economic developments – see my Spring 2000 Astro Info article for details. Current global political, economic, and environmental crises have developed largely since the May 2000 conjunction.  Perhaps many of us are also at critical points in long-term personal goals and endeavors we began in 2000. An expanded awareness now, as indicated by the Concordance chart, can assure real progress in our individual endeavors and progressive options for addressing global crises.

Finally, the driving force of the Harmonic Concordance chart is the powerful approaching square of Jupiter to Pluto, which does not become exact until August 2004. Recall the most recent Jupiter/Pluto opposition from 9/00 - 5/01, when the current Palestinian intifada against Israel began – see my Spring 2001Astro Info article for details.  The approaching Jupiter/Pluto square signals critical developments in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and global terrorism. Worldwide meditation and peace events during the 1987 Harmonic Convergence preceded the unexpected peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Union and an end to the Cold War.  I see the Harmonic Concordance as a similar opportunity to direct world consciousness towards a lasting peace in the Mideast, a peace perhaps precipitated by a crisis either before the end of this year or later next Summer.

Aligning with the Harmonic Concordance

I consider the Harmonic Concordance a window of opportunity and creative intention from the New Moon on October 25, through the Concordance and total lunar eclipse on November 8 – 9, and including the total solar eclipse on November 23.  The opportunity is for us to align with a global intention for peace, greater awareness, and a healthy personal and global ecology and economy. What role do you want to play in the world you want to live in?  What do you need to release, and what do you need to build to realize your heart and soul goals?

Plant your seed intentions with the New Moon of October 25-28 – these intentions will carry through the Harmonic Concordance, and for months and years beyond. On November 8-9, release what you no longer need with the total lunar eclipse, and open to the global energies of the Concordance. Finally, with the total solar eclipse of November 23, ground your expanded awareness and creative capacity, and begin anew to implement your intentions and plans. 

The Harmonic Concordance web site at offers a wide range of practices and rituals with which to engage the Harmonic Concordance. The areas of your birth chart contacted by the eclipses indicate focuses for the opportunities and challenges of the Concordance for you. For more specific information about correspondence between you and the Harmonic Concordance, consult your professional astrologer.

Bright Blessings…

Copyright 2003, Karen Steen. All rights reserved.

About the Astrologer…
Karen Steen is a full-time consulting and teaching astrologer at Water Bearer Astrology & Consulting, Bellingham, WA.  She has practiced astrology since 1984, professionally since 1999.  Karen is NCGR Level II Certified (Astrology), and holds a Master of Nursing in Primary Care from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Louisiana State University. Information about Karen's astrology practice and services is available at her web site

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