The Bassmobile version 2.1
Contrapted by Jules Siegel

Now fully mobile with 4 (6?) wheels
Some Pictures.
Click a picture for a much larger version

The bassmobile was constructed starting with a lugguage-carrier.
Later, the larger wheels and the handle from a golf bag carrier were added. I had tried larger wheels from a shopping-cart, but the golf wheels are much better.
The latest improvement is the addition of wheels to the front which makes it easier to move around. The little wheels were salvaged from a discarded baby-stroller.
A better "backrest" has been added, made of wood, padded with neoprene.
The black part at the bottom is constructed from wood and neoprene.
'mobile loaded and unloaded

Detail of backrest etc

Detail of front wheel
Shows one of the wing-nut things to lock the wheels. Sometimes I don't want it to roll so easily, usually when I am playing it (except for those strolling bassplayer gigs).

Ready to roll (& rock)
The original shaft was replaced with a longer one for more stability.
There are springs on the shaft to push the wheels outward. This is to add tension which prevents rattling when the bass is played while on the 'mobile. Click here to see a picture showing the springs, and also showing the drinkholder. (This pic shows it with a shorter axle.)
The crosspiece at the top with the hooks was bolted on to provide a place to hang the yuppie-bag, which is extremely handy to have. The bag is easily removable and it is prevented from swinging when the 'mobile is tilted during transport by some velcro.
The wheels etc are slid on the shaft and held in place by washers and cotter-pins.
It is a fine contraption and also functions well as a bass-stand. The Kay Chubby in the picture stands on the bassmobile in my music room most of the time.
Click here to see the bassmobile hard at work.
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