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Sarah and Paul Edwards
Sarah and Paul Edwards Known as the “nation’s self-employment experts,” Paul and Sarah Edwards brought their careers home in 1974 and in 1980 began researching the work-at-home phenomenon. Since their bestselling book Working from Home was published in 1985, they have been the subject of scores of articles in many national periodicals. They have produced and co-hosted the “Working from Home Show” on Business Radio for six years, and they host “Working from Home with Paul and Sarah Edwards” on Scripps-Howard’s new Home and Garden TV cable network. Their other bestselling books include The Best Home Business for the 90’s, Getting Business to Come to You, Making Money with Your Computer at Home, and Making It on Your Own: Surviving the Ups and Downs of Being Self-Employed.
  Enjoying Your Success   #725
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The wonderful thing about your success is that however much it is, you have earned it and you deserve it. Here are Paul and Sarah Edwards to tell you how you can enjoy your success — and five ways of thinking about success for you to avoid.

Some highly successful people we've met tell us, "Oh, I'm not a success yet! I'm not going to be successful until after I do so and so." For them, success is reserved for the things they haven't attained yet. But actually, success is a process. There is no finish line — there are only milestones. As you achieve one set of goals, you set new ones in an ever unfolding journey.

From our perspective, if you're on your own, or taking the necessary steps to be on your own, you are already successful, right here, right now. You've had the courage, ingenuity and confidence to do what you've done to get you as far as you have at this moment. And that makes you a success.

So keep in mind, success is supposed to feel good at each step. Despite all the changes and surprises that it brings, success is supposed to feel good. It's what you've worked for. Yet few of us are particularly well prepared for success.

In actuality, the price of success must be paid in full in advance, so whatever success you've achieved up to this point, you've already paid the price to be there. It's time to enjoy the prize. So you should do whatever you need to do to make sure you can enjoy what you've worked for.

Here are some ideas for overcoming five of the most common problems people have that prevent them from fully enjoying their success.

First, make sure you keep success manageable. Sometimes the whirl of success becomes not only exhilarating and rewarding but overwhelming and distressing. This is especially true the faster it comes and the more it soars beyond your original expectations. So understanding and preparing for what success will mean can help keep it in perspective.

Success of any degree acts as a magnet. It attracts more of everything your way. More money, more business, more phone calls, more mail, more bills and more opportunities. So whether success turns out to be all that it's cracked up to be will depend in large part upon how ready and willing you are to handle the abundance it brings.

When you have very little coming into your life, orchestrating it is relatively easy. The more that comes to you without any effort on your part, however, the more important it becomes to let in only those aspects you want, so success won't litter your life. Never think that you must accept everything success brings simply because it's come to you.

In order to seize the reins of success, many propreneurs consciously decide to limit or even cut back their businesses. They choose not to expand. They choose not to complicate their lives. This is one example of how you can shape your success into a way of life that makes having achieved it worthwhile.

You also can elect to take on only those clients, customers, projects and jobs that you enjoy. You can refer others elsewhere. You may be able to raise your prices as a way of keeping your business manageable.

And you most certainly can use the resources success is bringing you to make sure you don't become enslaved to your success.

So keep your success in scale and let yourself know your success is here to stay. Nothing can ruin the satisfaction of success quicker than an ever present, lingering fear that it will all disappear tomorrow. Sometimes people subconsciously imagine that if they notice or enjoy their success it will magically go away. Some people even seem to believe that if they're sufficiently miserable or drive themselves relentlessly, they can ward off future misfortune.

In actuality, you've created whatever success you've achieved from the events and circumstances around you. You've made it up. Every day brings a completely new set of ingredients for you to create more with, so you might as well approach each day from the premise that you can do it again. You might as well expect your success to continue. We've found the more you enjoy success, the more it enjoys you, and the more it just keeps hanging around.

Now, here are two things you can do every day to get the most pleasure and satisfaction out of your successes.

First, simplify your life by reducing your activities to the things that you enjoy most, working with the people that you like the most. Success enables you to choose to do more of the things that you like to do.

Second, continually think about how you can do your work better and more efficiently. Be creative. Never become complacent. Look for ways to expand and increase your successes in the future.

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