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Move galaxies! Cause meteor showers! Set comets on their course! Set off or move a pulsar! Move planets! Our screen saver lets you play demi-god.

Remake the heavens at will to satisfy your slightest whim.

Yes, control your very own universe. It's the most control you'll have over anything in this life.

Under 62K, downloads quickly! Download and set-up instructions are below.
For Windows 3.1, 95, and 98.

Instructions:  how to control your universe.
Instructions:  how to set it up like a regular program, NOT as a screensaver.

How to download and set up this screen-saver:
To install, simply download the screen-saver to your Windows directory*. When you pop up your Control Panel/Desktop (Win 3.1) or Settings/Control Panel/Display (Win95), you will see it listed with your other screen savers.
Most browsers will ask you if you want to save it to disk. Answer "yes". Then a dialog box will pop up where you can select your Windows directory. On most machines, this is "C:\WINDOWS".
If your browser is configured strangely and tries to show you the file "AccessNA.scr" as text file, and your browser window becomes filled with strange characters, download instead the file "AccessNA.sss", but when your browsers asks you where to save it, still say "C:\WINDOWS", but change the name of "AccessNA.sss" to "AccessNA.scr".

VBRUN300.DLL is required.
Most systems already have this file -- it comes with Windows 95, and many other programs you have put on your system may have installed it for you.
Do not bother to download it unless you get a message that says you need it when you Test or Preview your screen saver, or if nothing at all happens when you try to Test or Preview.
Click here to download VBRUN300.DLL (398k) and save it to your Windows\System directory.
If your brower asks you if you want to overwrite (or replace etc) your current Windows\System\VBRUN300.DLL, say "NO", because you already have it on your system.
(Or you can download a zipped version (230k) of VBRUN300.DLL.)

While this screen saver is absolutely free, we must confess that our message and url will glide by discreetly at the bottom of your screen while it is running. Of course you can make it disappear at will. After all, it is your universe.


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