How To Control Your Universe

When the screen-saver runs, you will see planets, galaxies, and a throbbing red pulsar. The pulsar will explode occasionaly and comets and meteors will zoom by. A spectacular meteor shower will occur every two minutes

While these objects are placed and occur at random, YOU can move the planets and galaxies to where YOU want them to be. Just drag and drop them with your magic mouse!

You can fire off a Comet, Meteor, or Meteor Shower by pressing the C, M, or S keys.
You can make the Pulsar explode by pressing P.
You can fire Zed-rays by pressing Z. (Try pressing your mouse-button while doing this.)

If you prefer to control the universe with ONLY your little godlike finger, you can trigger these cosmic events by clicking your RIGHT mouse-button on the same objects you can drag around. (You'll figure out which does what.)

And if your cosmic exercise of control leaves any unsightly stellar debris lying about, you can just press X to erase it all.

And since it is your universe, you can even make our puny mortal Access:NewAge message scrolling by go away.  Just right-click on the Black Hole. (Of course, you will have to find it first.)  Click the Black Hole again to make it come back.
Try clicking on the comet, or on the message or pressing A to trigger some cool events.

And by the way, pressing Q will make the screen-saver go away very Quickly (in case a jealous lesser god happens by).

Pressing F1 will pop up a very brief recap of these instructions.

Pressing any other key except the special ones mentioned above will end the screen-saver program in the same manner it began (gracefully).

Be sure to read: "How to download and set up this screen-saver".

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