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Educational sites on the Web must fully reflect how teachers teach and children learn. Let us make your Web site effective and appealing.
   — Ed Haggerty Associates.
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THE POTENTIAL OF THE WEB AS A TOOL FOR LEARNING and a distribution point for classroom materials makes the 90s an exciting and challenging time to create instructional products for schools.

What makes the Web so important? How will it change how learners learn?

The Internet creates a new paradigm for what information is available, how it is spread, and who can obtain it. The Internet connects learners to the real world. It gives teachers and students unrivaled access to information about almost any topic they might pick to investigate.

    The Web is the “killer app” that has made the Internet a business, home, and school phenomenon. The Web is the Internet for everybody. Users no longer need to know cryptic Unix commands to navigate between sites. They just point and click. Even a child can do it — and many do. Ten-year-olds in Montana exchange e-mail with scientists in Antarctica and age-mates in Australia.

How does the Web promote authentic learning?

Unlike a textbook, the Web directly promotes active learning and can supply a full, authentic learning experience. A persistent searcher can find pictures, sound bites, and movies to lend meaning to bare facts. Students enjoy the thrill of discovery as they follow a link and find a missing puzzle piece. The Web brings the world into the classroom.

    Using the Web also calls for a whole new set of learning skills. The most important skill is the ability to discriminate between truly useful information and the ephemeral, the jargon-laden, the misleading, and the incorrect. Web searches easily degenerate into directionless wandering. Young learners need guidance to turn information into knowledge.

Should pedagogy or entertainment value be primary in Web-based school publishing?

Publishers who develop Web-based learning materials and multimedia products for schools must take special care when they design their products. They need more than programming and graphic design skills. They need to know how teachers teach and children learn. The best, most effective learner-centered pedagogy must direct the development of each school-oriented site and product on the Web.

How can Ed Haggerty Associates help you create the very best print and Web products?

Ed Haggerty Associates is excited by what the on-line information revolution promises learners. In service to the new, we bring with us twenty years of product development experience in the school divisions of Harper & Row, Macmillan, and Scholastic and as an independent developer.

    We know kids and we know curriculum. We know how to build sound products. Let us help you make your products the best they can be.

    Remember us when you’re making your product development plans. We want your business. We’ll justify your trust.

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