We thank all these folks for their kind acknowledgements of the work we have done for you, our visitors.
We received Forest Moon Metaphysical Center's
"Grand Candle" award.
Their kind note says, in part:
"Here at FMMC we'd like to acknowledge your efforts and hope you will accept our Grand Candle award for WebSite Excellence and guidance as a personal thank you for a job well done."
"We have enjoyed your service for a very long time and are thankful for the effort and time you and all the people at Access:NewAge put into your site, and services."

The NYC Insider awarded us the
"Most Informative Site of the Week".
The press release said in part
"...Access: New Age, which features Looking Deeper Magazine, is a great example of the tremendous diversity of information available to users of the Net."

We received AstroPro's Website Of the Week award.
The review says, in part:
"For their fine site design which uses bandwith so well and still delivers an attractive and engaging experience, for their community spirit in providing excellent articles on astrology and other New Age subjects, and of course for a great selection of books to buy, Access: New Age is definitely worth a bookmark."
We were tickled to get this from Julia White at Inner Space. Her site is in our links list and you can get to it from the link below as well. The citation says in part:
"The Golden Feather Award is a new symbol of honor and respect to be given to those sites which are dedicated to the sharing of information and resources.
These sites do not favor any particular path or dogma. Rather, they present differing views on many subjects, and make links available which further broaden awareness on subjects that are of interest to the reader."

We received this from a site that is always fun and informative. Check out the past winners of "Cosmic Site of the Night". Adze said that "...This isn't just a page.  It's a site and an enlightened one at that."
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