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------------ Informational Sites ------------
1. Institute of Metahistory
What is Civilization? History? Prehistory? The object of our study is the Past of Humankind. We are aware that all the suggestions must be substantiated and verified, and all the assertions proved. Self-submitted.
Also filed under: Ancient Mysteries & Archeology
2. Stan Grist, Discoverer
Stan Grist, Discoverer and Explorer covers ancient mysteries and Atlantis
------------ Business & Services ------------
3. Atlantisite or Atlantean Research Journal has the World Authority on Atlant
Atlantean Research Journal site is a must in Atlantis research.
Also filed under: Business & Services
4. The Atlantis ring - The ultimate immunity and protection Amulet/Talisman
The Atlantis ring gives personal protection and immunity against all mishap. Like a good luck charm, a talisman, an amulet against bad luck, accidents, and spells.
Also filed under: Business & Services
Access:NewAge Internal Link: ATLANTIS
This link will take you to books on Atlantis and other lost civilizations.
Also filed under: Business & Services
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