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Native American
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------------ Informational Sites ------------
1. Dance of the Deer Foundation
...Supports the Huichol Indians in keeping their shamanic traditions alive and to bring the power and joy of this ancient wisdom into our modern lives...
Also filed under: Shamanism
2. Hayehwatha Research Institute
Hayehwatha Research Institute - The return of Hayehwatha and research into the spiritual realms of the Universe.
3. Maya Pages for Native Americans
An absolute gold mine of valuable information. This is a "must visit" if we ever saw one.
Also filed under: Ancient Mysteries & Archeology
One of the better resources we've seen: herbal knowledge, art, traditional food, astronomy and medicine wheels and more.
5. Ruffles Talking Feather Homepage
The Homepage for Talking Feather Chat, a weekly Internet gathering on Native American Issues.
------------ Business & Services ------------
6. Spririt Tracks
Goods and service's and reference links on Cultural interests.
Also filed under: Business & Services
Access:NewAge Internal Link: NATIVE
Books on native, indiginous peoples and cultures of the Americas.
Also filed under: Business & Services
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