Celebrating Your Life
D e s t i n y
by Richard Pace

Did you think Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis knew that she would become the most famous First Lady in American History? Did you think that Jack Nicholson had any hint that he would become a movie star on a par with Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart? And what of Madonna, Martin Luther King, Jr. and for that matter Mother Teresa?

When reading biographies of famous people, you often find somewhere in the chapters on their teen years that somehow they knew where they were heading. The Catholic Church calls it Providence, Napoleon called it chance, Greta Garbo called it a pain in the neck, and numerology calls it destiny.

And destiny is the single most important part of the life of a person. It is that person's mission, their very reason for existence. When people are vague about their futures, they become passive and confused. But when they are aware of the purpose of life, they usually blossom into productive and energetic individuals.

In numerology, destiny is a gift from the universe. We see it as a life path that holds various challenges and rewards. Numerologists chart the destiny of a person by using the numbers in the date of birth. Each of us has a destiny number, ranging from No. 1 to No. 9, that helps define our goals. If used properly, it guides us to positive results in our life journey.

To figure out your destiny number, write down your date of birth. Then rewrite the date, but this time in numbers only. Now add up all the numbers. Keep adding the double numbers together until you come up with a single number.

(Or do it the easy way with the Access:NewAge Destiny Number Calculator)

For example:

December 16, 1962


1+2+1+6+1+9+6+2 = 28

2+8 = 10

1+0 = 1

(Remember to keep adding the numbers together until you have a single number.)

A person born on December 16, 1962 has the No. 1 destiny.

Calculate your number with the Access:NewAge Destiny Number Calculator


I am happy to report that you are numero uno, the winner, the leader, and the innovator. But always remember, your destiny has two parts. You must become independent first, both financially and socially, before you can venture into part two of your mission. You want to develop your original ideas without becoming egotistical. The second part of your destiny is to develop your leadership skills and take charge of your responsibilities. The trick is to understand that with leadership qualities you must not run away from your obligations. Other people need your guidance. If you become too self-centered and distant, you will chase away the people who need your help most. Trust yourself and share your ideas and ideals.


Ever the diplomat, you are the power behind the throne. Your energy is in the details of what makes things tick around you, and you want to continue to bring your sense of loyalty to those who are close to you. Show off your strong reasoning powers with sensitivity and caution. Try not to be shy when adding in your two cents. You need to guide others into finding solutions to their problems. With your patience and understanding, you have the talent to bring out the best in almost anyone around you. If you find yourself drifting into petty jealousy, put your thoughts back on track by using your easygoing nature. Your presence is your most important asset.


Let us all see that great big smile of yours-you, with that devil may care attitude that keeps getting you into so much trouble. But who gives a darn, as long as you pass along the joy of living on a regular basis. How can anyone surpass those charms? If people around you are causing you to go through mood swings, look them straight in the eye, shine that million dollar smile and tell them to cool down. Your destiny is to get all of us to lighten up, so try not to get confused when people tell you to act serious. Make an effort to comply with their needs, but remember you also have needs. Be the witty, charming chatterbox that you really are.


You are that segment of the population that gets things done. You love to work, be it labor, studies or any activity that is in front of you. You even spend your recreational time reading directions, planning the next fun moments, or wondering what to do next. You hate boredom, but strangely enough, what entertains you usually bores the living daylights out of everyone else. You can play Monopoly better than anyone around and, in fact, you excel in any mind game you participate in. No gambler, you like things in black and white. Sometimes you get so carried away with your sense of order that you seem a little unhinged. When that happens, take time out to daydream. It will release all that organized tension.


Curiosity may have killed the cat, but you actually thrive on it. All that rushing around does pay off, yet never think that any of us slower mortals would even try to keep up with your frantic pace. Though we ask, why do you leave so many things unfinished, driving everyone else crazy? You get depressed on occasion, but those around you become dismayed by the way you get distracted and start racing around again, finding new avenues to explore. Clever and talented, you have an attractive and sexy personality. No one can escape your free-thinking charm. On the other hand, if you act old-fashioned or demonstrate uncontrollable behavior, you will miss the boat. (Hint: Choose your activities carefully, and stick to your goals.)


Better than any of us, you know that in order to build a solid and lasting society, people must take responsibility. When someone needs a lift somewhere, you are right there. When someone needs encouragement, you are right there. When someone needs a trusted friend, you are right there. Get the picture? You are the resourceful, protective, stable hand so many of us need on a daily basis. You like to have fun and have a genuine sense of fair play. You even allow those who are close to you to be self-indulgent. On the other hand, if you do not give yourself a breather from all this altruism, you stand to risk becoming uncaring and selfish in the long run. Be your destiny, but also be yourself. Avoid becoming frightened and losing your sense of security.


Logical to a fault but a lover of peace and harmony, you have the idea of perfection down to a science. You analyze every thought that comes into your head, and often come up with unusual solutions to problems that are too difficult for most of us to solve. You enjoy spending time alone, so much so that when you want company, you discover that you keep friends and close relatives in short supply. Your most productive feature is your intuition. You go from the extreme of having your nose in the air, snubbing everyone one around you, to lacking poise altogether. People usually forgive your indiscretions, knowing how hard you try to be level headed. Sometimes a saint, sometimes a sinner, you truly are very special.


We all know the expression, "crazy eights." I am absolutely convinced that a numerologist came up with it. You have more energy, more stamina, more will-power than any other destiny. You solve problems better, you make a better manager and you are usually upright and realistic. So why do you become such a bully when you feel cranky? You have almost no patience and worst of all you are jealous of those who do. You see activities and events in a much bigger way than the rest of us, which sometimes makes you act superior. Remember, you have a leadership role with many of the people around you; if you act irresponsibly, you can hurt them. Like the rest of us, seek out help when you need it.


The giver, the reliable, the fair-minded describes you to a tee. Or at least it should, when you bring into focus your superior needs. You have the gifts of arbitration and compassion that are so vital to the survival of the human race. Try not to abandon your talents just because the rest of us live with a 20th century consciousness of materialism. For better or worse, the motto of your destiny is, "It is better to give than to receive." When you share your altruistic attitude, it stabilizes everyone else around you, but that is because we have a genuine need for your sense of mercy and warmth. So often, 9s lose their enthusiasm to jealousy. Try not to let it happen to you.

Copyright 1997 Richard Pace. You may purchase two on-line books that Mr. Pace wrote inspired by the challenge numbers in numerology called Growing Self Confidence and Building Relationships by visiting: http://www.hardshell.com.   You may also contact Richard Pace for a personal reading.
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