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Charlene Lichtenstein, known as Madam Lichtenstein, is The Starry Eye. She is descended from a long line of persons with extraordinary perceptive powers. Her great aunt, Etta Weimar, was the famous Roumanian card reader to both kings and queens.

A native of New York City, Lichtenstein was educated in Europe where she pursued the study of Tarot and Astrology. She returned to New York and has lived in Greenwich Village ever since, eagerly dispensing advice whether requested or not.

Her monthly and weekly horoscopes are carried in newspapers and websites around the world. Her pet horoscopes are the rage of Europe and her "Movie Pick by Astrological Sign" appears on the WE:Womens Entertainment Network website. She hosted a weekly online astrology program on The Washington Post Online. Please check out that site for transcripts of her past shows.


Starbite of the Week
Hitler’s Astrologer? Karl Ernst Krafft was the astrologer for the Third Reich. His story is fascinating as is the full story of the “propaganda wars” conducted by Allied and Axis astrologers and occultists. Krafft contacted the nazis early in the Reich with a prognostication of an attack on Hitler by “an explosive device”. The letter was filed but reviewed later after the Beer Hall Putsch where, indeed, Hitler barely missed being hit by a hidden bomb. Krafft was summoned to Berlin where he began a long association with the nazis, helping them translate Nostradamus prophesies for the war effort. (To “prove” that the nazis were “destined” to win the war.) It is said that the Germans used astrology to plan attacks and maneuvers against the Allies to some initially astounding success. The tide, of course, turned and Krafft was punished. Ultimately he was put on a transport for Buchenwald and died of typhus in transit.

Madam Lichtenstein’s signature horoscopes for one and all. Let’s dust off the crystal ball and see what is in store for you. Hmm. . . . .

LesGayBi horoscopes. says “This is the best regular gay column. But of course, it’s by Lichtenstein!”

Yes, dogs and cats have personalities, too! Here’s must-have advice for keeping your pet happy.

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